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12. dec 2007 07:30  

Depo Auto Lights

Hello Forum, i am a new member on board but i have dealt with some members on here before i believe and i also believe they were satisfied. You can check out my site


I offer free shipping worldwide via EMS so you are welcome to inquire or let me know about anything you will like, thanks

12. dec 2007 07:39  


Man bliver aldrig helt færdig med sin SWIFT smilie smilie smilie
Mikael Stoustrup
12. dec 2007 08:20  


Hey there...

I'm one of the ones who dealt with Mr Depoauto... - In deed I was satisfied, fast shipping, great product, and fast response when I had questions via. mail... And the lights looks great when fitted... smilie - www.suzukiswift.dk/gallery/?GalleryID=257

I thought about airfilters... - Induction kits... - Would that be anything you might be abble to get hold of... smilie - Different kinds that might be on the market in DK...

Kææft jeg kan godt mærke, at det er længe siden jeg har haft engelsk.... smilie
In Tha Hizzle 4 Shizzle My Nizzle!
12. dec 2007 08:28  


Hello thanks for the great review. I think you are Kristian right? i am yet to update the site and add pics of your car and i will still be using them soon on my auctions. Yes i will look into more stuff like performance items, maybe you can show me a link to what kind of stuff you will like. I will also try to get great prices with free shipping. Did you have any troubles with customs? Usually we declare goods as gifts with low value to make minimal fees or no fees in most countries.
12. dec 2007 08:55  


Well.... - The Danish customs are a bunch of bitches... smilie I had to pay about 65 Euros to clear the package through customs, but no problem there, it was still a really good price...

I might have been abble to get it through customs cheaper in another way, but then I had to make up some crazy story about you being my dads uncle in law or something like that... And then they might ask further questions - Didn't want to get into that for a mere 65 bucks... smilie

Weel I thought about a HKS Mushroom induction kit... - Have been lookin' for that here in Denmark, but it's nowhere to be found at a reasonable price...
I don't know if that might be possible...
Or else the Swift sport aftermarket induction kit... - I've seen it on the net, with a huge carbon box in the engine bay, and with a big cone filter inside... - Might look up some pictures when i get home from work.... smilie
In Tha Hizzle 4 Shizzle My Nizzle!
16. nov 2012 03:56  


Halogen headlights give advantages over previous versions of headlights. The halogen undergoes a chemical reaction with the tungsten filament creating halides and prevent tungsten particles from adhering to the surface of the bulb. This process prevents the bulb from dimming as it ages, and also allows it to generate more light with the same amount of electrical power.
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